Big Big Productions is a full service Television production company. We are passionate about the journey a great TV show takes. Giving birth to new ideas and concepts for a TV show, having our experienced scripting team weave a captivating story with memorable characters and plots, and then bringing it all to life with our creative production team.


We also love to take an idea and work with a client to turn it into something better than they could have imagined. Whether it's a promotional video, a music video, a video for curriculum, a documentary or a concept for broadcast television - we're all about making a project come alive.



The directors of Big Big Productions, Steve and Mark both come from a musical background but had an idea to make TV. But not just run of the mill TV. They wanted to tell stories that inspire minds and capture hearts.  Their first series 'The Lads TV' was broadcast in the primetime Saturday morning slot on the TBN network, which is one of the largest TV networks in the US, and broadcasts in over 180 countries around the world.


This was followed up by a TV series called “TuneTime”, a music based sitcom for pre-schoolers. TuneTime is also broadcast on the TBN Network.


BIG BIG PRODUCTIONS has worked on music videos, documentaries, kick starter promotional videos and most recently, a 120 episode video curriculum for Australian schools, called ‘Love out Loud’.


Until recently, Big Big Productions was based in Nashville, Tennessee, but with Mark and Steve being Kiwi boys, they decided it was time to come home and set things up in NZ. They are very excited about the prospect of using the experience they have gained making television in the US, to make great TV for New Zealand kids too.

“Here at Big Big Productions we’re not interested in the status quo. Truth is, we get pretty darned excited about working out ways to create Television content that much more than average. Why bother, when an opportunity exists to do something out of the box - something extraordinary that really grabs the viewers attention and takes them on a wild visual journey.”



“I'm Dad to four amazing kids who also happen to be my harshest (and most verbal) critics, in fact it wouldn't be unfair to say they are a little 'too honest' sometimes. Making content for kids is so much fun and I love working to make new ideas come to life on screen and to tell engaging stories that kids everywhere will love... even my kids! "